Atlascoder is an IT company focusing on creating of solutions that devoted to help users in their work and living.

The mission of Atlascoder is creating of IT solutions that are really helpful and valuable for publishers and end users. We stay on the following principles:

  • do discover to understand needs
  • do only what is really needed
  • to make more than to request
  • to share, not to impose
  • to reveal, not to hide

We see the informational technologies as a leverage that give people a tool to improve living with less efforts. It means not just invention of something new, but sharing of knowledge and experience as well. Many things are well known but may seem too far from using here and now. We believe that this could and should be overcomed using IT.

Our strategy is to create of focused products grounding on continuous discovering of potentially efficient introduction of certain IT-solutions for certain problems. Efficient means that it does things really easier, faster, cheaper and fair than before.

Our current activity is to create mobile and web-applications staying on our vision.

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